About Catrina

Hi! I’m Catrina Hawsey Dupuis, a clinical coordinator aka receptionist at a busy dental practice and Market Partner with Monat

Global. I feel my purpose has always been to help people. 

I became a rep with Monat in April of 2016, I quickly fell in love with the products. I couldn’t believe I had found something that my crazy curly frizzy hair loved! I started sharing about the products and business opportunity! I love helping people with their hair woes! My business partners are friends and new friends I’ve made across the USA! They are busy working mom’s, hairstylist, SAHM’s, all wanting to add an income to the household, and financial security. 

My hope for this blog is to help your celebrate life no matter what challenges are being thrown your way. In this blog I will share the challenges I had throughout my life. Such as living in a house with addict parents, domestic violence, mental illnesses, molestation by a family member. I will also share my infertility story and how it turned our life upside down. How we are now living a fulfilled, childless life after infertility.


About Us

Randy and I met June 1999 in an online chat room, crazy right! We chatted online for a day then chatted on the phone for a 2 weeks and he made the 4 hour drive to visit me. The first night we were out with my friends at a nightclub we squeezed into the velvet booth and I got butterflies! I heard a voice that said he’s the one! After a few weeks of us taking turns tracking back and first on weekends to visit each other we came to the conclusion I should move. So after 8 weeks of dating I packed up my life, got a new job and moved from N Louisiana to S Louisiana! June 2000 we eloped to St Lucia and were married. 

He knew my background, I was completely honest about how I grew up and the challenges I have. I’m not always the easiest when it comes to certain things. I don’t like confrontation, I will bury emotions rather than talking about them and working out the issue. Then I’ll have an emotional explosion and he totally understands and knows how to let me work it out. Sure he gets frustrated with me and yes over the years we learned how to navigate through these issues. 

Randy grew up completely different, I call him silver spoon, affectionately of course. He had loving attentive parents and grandparents, they traveled and vacationed as a family. He has traveled all across the US, my family never traveled or vacationed anywhere. His grandpa and dad taught him how to work with wood, he can literally build anything! They owned a family business where he worked from a young boy and  has an amazing work ethic. 



I know this is going to sound super cheesy but we were blissfully happy! We were traveling and living our best life! Literally! We both had been married before and we were so grateful to have each other and no real issues in our marriage. After a few years of marriage literally all of our friends were having kids. My sister had 2 kids, his brother had a kid, so of course family and friends were asking when were we going to have kids. Honestly we had never talked about it, seriously it wasn’t even on our radar. To be 100% honest I was never sure about having kids, because of the way I raised I was so scared I would have the skill set to parent. I had already basically raised my sister and myself. 

This was also about the time his family owned business wasn’t doing well and eventually sold and closed. So the stress of this and randy finding a new job, we were like this is not the time to try. So once we felt more established and ready we started trying but honestly not really trying. If we had a trip or an event etc we would say if we’re not pregnant by this time we will hold off till this time etc So this went on for a bit and realizing not even a scare of pregnancy had occurred we got checked out. Long story short and will save for the blog... We found out we had male factor and low egg reserve, we both had issues. 

Thank you for learning about us! I hope you follow along with the blog and learn more and I hope to learn more about you too!